Zone & Campsite Management

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Accreditation & Box Office

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Steward & Volunteer Management

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Event Operations & Accreditation


Campsite & Zone Management

Highlight Crew have 6 years’ experience of managing music festival campsites. Show us where the campsite hut is, and


Accreditation Management

Highlight Crew provides complete management of back-of-house accreditation from validation of artist, crew and trader credentials, the issuing of


Steward and Volunteer Management

Steward Supervisors and Managers add a professional layer of oversight to your steward or volunteer teams, giving the festival

Welcome to Highlight Crew

About Us

We’re a close knit, hardworking and good-humoured team of events professionals focused on event operations and site management. The Highlight Crew team is led by Wes. Wes has worked in the festival industry since 2011, working his way up from