Steward and Volunteer Management

Steward Supervisors and Managers add a professional layer of oversight to your steward or volunteer teams, giving the festival organisers a centralised and direct line of communication.

Steward management means you can be certain that briefings are consistent and reflect the latest updates from Event Control. It also ensures there is a buffer between your volunteers and any customer escalations that arise. Finally, it puts a decision maker on the ground, who is able to confidently liaise with other agencies and Event Control.

Highlight Crew are very experienced in staffing specific zones (i.e. campsites) with a general manager that then has oversight of stewards, security and site teams working in that zone.

With stewards, security and crew working shifts in different parts of the festival, a Zone Manager provides a point of continuity for patrons, crew and event organisers – this is an incredible asset for a festival as it means improved customer satisfaction and a robust two-way channel of communication for event organisers.