Campsite & Zone Management

Highlight Crew have 6 years’ experience of managing music festival campsites.

Show us where the campsite hut is, and we’ll do the rest!

At a music festival, campsites are dynamic environments, with a constant churn of security staff, stewards and volunteers. A Campsite Manager works in the same zone, on the same shift throughout the festival, providing a reliable and stable point of contact for festival goers, crew and event organisers.

This is a powerful tool for event organisers.

Our Campsite Managers have overall oversight of the campsite they’re in. They’ll provide direction to the crew operating in the campsite through localised briefings, ensuring security and steward resources are utilised to manage risk and enhance the festival goers’ experience. Likewise, Campsite Managers liaise with site contractors (like plumbers and cleaners) to ensure facilities are operational at all times in accordance with event licensing conditions.

Above all, Campsite Managers enhance the customer experience of your patrons by troubleshooting issues and resolving problems as they arise, reducing escalations to customer services and Event Control. Campsite Managers monitor site conditions and facilities to pre-empt issues and ensure continuity of services. A Campsite Manager provides an excellent buffer for volunteers, giving them someone to escalate customer queries and complaints to.

What does a Campsite Manager do?


Campsite Managers set up the campsite hut, ensuring correct signage and equipment. They conduct a complete site walk, checking the site matches the published plans, liaising with Site Control to remedy issues as needed, before gates open to the public.

During show

Campsite Managers are the operational and customer service lead in their designated zone. They direct security and stewards with localised briefings. They monitor site conditions, escalating issues to contractors and checking these are remedied promptly. They provide Event Control with eyes and ears on the ground. They are the friendly, smiling faces front-of-house, providing a consistent point of contact for your festival goers.


We complete a SWOT report of the campsite, it’s layout, amenities and the effectiveness of the contractors who worked there during show time. This allows event organisers and site planners to make strategic changes to next year’s site build.